Our History


AAWSB History and Members Profile

In February 1996 The African American Women’s Speakers Bureau was first organized from a group of women who were members of the African American Cancer Awareness Coalition (AACAC).

The initial purpose was to increase breast cancer screening and early detection practices among African American women, by educating women about the importance of mammograms and doing monthly self breast exams.  This was accomplished through the implementation of a community based breast health education campaign.

Let’s Begin at the Beginning. . . 

1997 –  The African American Cancer Awareness Coalition campaign was completed and some of the members coming together to form the African American Women’s Speakers Bureau (AAWSB) which to this day continues to provide workshops, breast cancer education, materials, breast risk assessments, information on obtaining free or reduced breast cancer mammograms and most importantly we provide financial assistant to women recently diagnosed and undergoing cancer treatment.

1997 –  The AAWSB began spreading the word about cervical cancer and providing educational materials and stressing the importance of yearly exams and getting a Pap test.

1998 –  The AAWSB began providing literature on clinical trials and how participating in studies can make a difference.

2003 –  The AAWSB partnered with The Centers for Healthy Heart and Souls, and was able to reach a broader audience in fighting health disparities within the African American communities.

2005 –  Our focus was expanded in providing educational materials and workshops on prostate cancer to African American men and colorectal cancer to both men and women.

2006 to 2008 –  The AAWSB begun a new journey, we are spreading our wings and looking forward to making an even greater impact in the Pittsburgh communities providing cancer information and working with other groups such as the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation and others.

2009 to 2010 –  The AAWSB continue to serve the community, annual training for members, began the process of developing non-profit organization, and the completion of the non-profit procedure.  The group assisted in the development of the Acts Intervention with the University of Pittsburgh, the cancer community looks to the AAWSB for guidance on specific program and studies involving African American women diagnosed with breast cancer.

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