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Our Purpose

The purpose of the African American Women’s Speakers Bureau is to increase breast cancer screening and early detection practices among African American women by educating women about the importance of mammograms and doing monthly self breast exams.

Our Mission

The Mission of the African American Women’s Speakers Bureau (AAWSB), is to provide breast cancer education and community outreach to African American women in our local and regional communities.  Our organization is committed to informing women on how important early detection of breast cancer and the elimination of health care disparities is among African American women.

The speakers bureau provides; 

  • Breast cancer workshops for churches and civic groups
  • Breast cancer education for the community and for our members,
  • Literature on clinical  trials
  • Calculation of breast cancer risk assessments
  • We provide information on obtaining free or reduced breast cancer mammograms
  • Most importantly we provide financial assistance to women recently diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see African American Women empowered to live without Breast Cancer’s devastating impact on their lives.

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